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Mitel Live Content Suite

Personalized, Live, Rich Media Content Right to Your Mitel IP Phone! Download the Mitel Live Content Suite brochure or contact IDS on 0800 952 95 95 to discuss your requirements

Mitel® Live Content Suite enables the creation and publication of dynamic and personalized information to your users, transforming Mitel IP Phones into rich media information appliances. With Live Content Suite you can greatly improve communication with your employees and provide them with easy access to the information they need, when they need it. With the push of a touch-screen button, users can see the latest corporate messages, follow important industry news on Twitter®, or draw inspiration from a personal photo album – all on the large, full color screen of their Mitel 5360 IP Phone. With a robust and intuitive user portal, users can personalize their phones to deliver the information they want.

Timely and Pertinent Information

for All of Your Users Live Content Suite enables the publishing of dynamic information to workgroups or individuals, so users only have access to content that is important to them. Many different departments and users in your business will benefit from the live, personalized content delivered by Mitel Live Content Suite

Simple Content Creation and Publishing

Live Content Suite delivers several applications that provide access to Internet-based content such as Twitter and Flickr®. In addition, you can easily create and publish your own custom content to users or workgroups. Content publishers can create and maintain rich and engaging content with ease, using standard third-party blogging tools, such as Goggle™ Blogger™, and embed dial-able phone numbers right within their text.

Employee Personalization

Live Content Suite opens the door to a whole new level of IP phone personalization by providing access to live, rich media content on the vibrant seven-inch color display of the Mitel 5360 IP Phone. This transforms employees’ phones into indispensable rich media information appliances that will enhance productivity and satisfaction. Live Content Suite enables users to personalize their touch screen keys with the applications and content that are most valuable to them—for example, marketing managers can monitor important Twitter feeds for company mentions, while everyone can turn their phone screensaver into a photo album and access live weather with the simple press of a touch-screen button.

Mitel Live Content Suite delivers the following:

Live Desktop Portal

Live Desktop Portal is a robust and intuitive phone programming web-based portal that gives users a replica view of their phone, and enables them to easily drag and drop content and applications to touch-screen keys on their phone. A user’s view of the Live Desktop Portal is controlled by the administrator, who can control what functionality a user has access to. To avoid confusion and help desk calls, users only see features and applications they have been given access to.

Live Blogger Live

Blogger is an HTML application that uses standard Web Log (blog) accounts to deliver content to the user’s phone. It enables any user to receive information from a central blogging source. This application utilizes a web server to provide the required functionality.

Live Applications

Live Applications run on phones enabled with Live Content Suite. The continually expanding list of Live Applications includes: • Live Twitter Reader: enables users to follow Twitter Tweets right on their phone display. Users can search for specific key Tweets or display their own personal Tweet Stream. • Live Weather: displays the current and forecasted weather for the location specified by the user. • Live Flickr: turn a user’s phone into their very own personal photo album. Live Flickr displays a slideshow of the photos in whatever Flickr account is specified by the user.

Screen Saver

Any of the above applications can be chosen and displayed as the screen saver on each user’s phone.

Mitel IP Phones Supported

Live Content Server Platform

Other Components


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