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Microsoft Office 2010

Manage business core functions with Microsoft Office 2010, the powerful, world-standard office suite, without the large upfront investment.

With the IDS Microsoft Office Software as a Service (SaaS) you spend more time productively working with your favourite office applications and less time managing its performance across your organisation.

Use Microsoft Office SaaS and you always benefit from the latest edition thanks to the IDS automatic update. No time-consuming reinstallations needed.  Only pay for what you use in a simple monthly subscription; if the number of users changes, the amount you pay changes too.

It’s fast and easy to install, and because the applications sit on our servers there’s no need to upgrade your PC hardware to keep pace with ever more powerful Office suite releases.  Access the software and your files securely from anywhere using an Internet connection. Perfect for remote site, multi-site and home-working organisations.

Contact IDS now for a FREE, no obligation demonstration, or request a quotation.

Why not take the service a logical step further with the complete office collaboration solution and create your own secure network to share documents with colleagues and partners, without investing in expensive servers and IT infrastructure?

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