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Complete Office Collaboration Solution

The IDS Complete Office Collaboration Solution gives you all the services of your own IT department without the need to invest in dedicated personnel and expensive hardware.

We securely host and deliver your core Windows network applications through simple desktop icons or a web browser. It’s just like having all your software applications on your own computers.  Better still, IDS can perform all your maintenance, data back-ups and handle content filtering and anti-virus applications for you, as well as manage a disaster recovery plan.

We provide the servers and a safe, purpose-built environment for their reliable operation – we power them and keep them cool.  It leaves you free to work more productively and flexibly than ever before.

Take advantage of power and consistency through shared use of latest-release software applications, delivered via a scalable, tailor-made IT solution offering secure access from anywhere using the Internet. And all this for a simple, single monthly fee.

We provide two levels of service, Standard and Premier. Get a full feature list.

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