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Connectivity Services

With iDS you can take advantage of lower costs and the convenience of maintenance and billing from just one supplier.  OFCOM-regulated bulk-buying enables iDS to pass on lower prices to you.

We provide easy-to-understand electronic billing for telephone calls, line rental and maintenance.

Access and manage your account online, and monitor all outbound and inbound calls.  Our prices may be low but our standards are high. We are proud to offer excellent customer service, which is why so many businesses use iDS as their preferred communications provider. 

Whether we’ve installed your telephone systems or you have an existing set-up, call iDS today and learn how you can benefit from lower bills and a hassle-free communications service.

Calls and Access

Line rental, tariffs and call charges can all be offered to you under your IDS account. By using our services you will reduce your costs and improve the service you receive whether you are changing lines, transferring lines or ordering new lines, and this applies to both digital and analogue. 

Features Include

Immediate Benefits

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