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Computer room fire protection

Computer server rooms create an ideal environment for fires.  Such rooms usually contain business-critical data, which is why nearly half of all businesses that suffer a significant fire never reopen.

Out4Sure is a fire suppression system that protects vital equipment and therefore saves essential data in the event of a fire.  It works by first detecting fire and then spraying fire-retardant, non-toxic gas at the source, extinguishing the fire in seconds.

Unlike a water sprinkler system, the gas won’t damage sensitive electronic equipment. And Out4Sure is ‘always on’, so there’s no need for you to be standing by with a fire extinguisher to deal with it.  Quite simply, Out4Sure protects your business from fire and offers complete peace of mind.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. To find out more about Out4Sure, call iDS today.

How does Out4Sure work?

At the core of any Out4Sure solution is specially formulated tubing. Manufactured from pressurised polymer materials, it has the necessary characteristics to detect heat and extinguish fire. Inert suppression gas reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible.

An LCD display constantly monitors real-time system pressure, smoke detection, temperature, airflow, humidity, light levels, sound levels and system activity. Cameras and sensors can also be added to the circuit. Your Out4Sure solution will be installed by one of our team of highly specialised engineers at strategic, potentially hazardous locations.

Think of it this way… When today’s telecommunications services are interrupted for just a few hours, the working day is thrown into chaos. Even the good old telephone lies dormant on the desk because all contact details, diaries and meeting notes are held on a computer database. Imagine the devastation a permanent interruption would wreak on your business. Don’t run the risk!

Rest assured…The Loss Prevention Council has fully tested Out4Sure’s tubing under extreme laboratory conditions and endorses it as exceeding the requirements for classification as a Fast Response System.

Out4Sure boasts the following features


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